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Zico wanted to further their brand message "What's Inside is Everything" through a series of experiential events in NYC and LA during the summer of 2017, and they hired me to make sure what was inside each activation was a whole lot of inspirational, positive and cleverly-worded messaging.


I provided written content for the entire activation in both cities, from the welcome chalkboard and positivity pin board, to product descriptions and flavor profiles and profiles of attendees. I even penned the scripts for ZICO's brand ambassadors to use when interacting with guests. 

Product Cards

Chocolate: Blue, Orange

Being first means very little without also being good. But that’s not an issue with ZICO’s Chocolate Flavored Coconut Water Beverage, the first chocolate-flavored coconut water and also still the best-selling in the US. This delicious delight is made up of a non-dairy blend of 80% coconut water, chocolate flavor, coconut cream, and other tasty ingredients, and it’s packed with as much potassium per bottle as a banana. Add in five different naturally occurring electrolytes, and you’re in for a great-tasting hydration explosion.


Mixing blue and orange creates a steady stream of joy and creativity, which perfectly encapsulates Zico Chocolate’s delectable and creative flavor profile.

Welcome Chalkboard


Congratulations! Your quest for a clean body and clear mind has led you here, where you’ll find:

  • Hydration

  • Potassium

  • Electrolytes

  • Love


The art of discovery is a beautiful thing. Just like you.

Flavor Profiles


ZICO Pineapple is the perfect companion for the bold. Its sweet and tart taste creates a tug-of-war on your tastebuds, resulting in a delightful, hydrating finish that’s even more satisfying on a hot day. Or even better, on a tropical island.

The only hands to touch ZICO natural coconut water belong to Mother Nature herself. Made from fresh, young, green coconuts in Thailand, this 100% natural coconut water has nothing added or removed, allowing its innate sweetness to shine through.

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