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As an Associate Producer for ABC's Emmy-nominated variety series. I produced all elements related to the on-air interviews between Jimmy and our celebrity guests. Duties included pitching and researching guests, identifying unique talking points, supervising video clip edits, preparing visual aids, briefing guests pre-show and all logistics.

Using my passion for and knowledge of sports, I became the show's first lead producer for all athlete guests, helping to grow the number of athletes appearing on the show by over double fro 3 consecutive seasons.



Producing. Writing.

Notable sports guests produced:

Shaquille O'Neal, Manny Pacquiao, Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers and LA Kings, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Kevin Love, Ron Artest, Jon "Bones" Jones

Notable celebrity guests produced:

Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer, Aaron Paul, John Cusack, Joan Rivers, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Don Rickles, Jessica Alba, Ryan Gosling



Note: As per ABC policy, videos are removed online after one year. Only a select few remain, so here are a couple that I worked on. I am happy to discuss any and all aspects of my work at JKL upon request.


Will Ferrell and boxing champ Manny Pacquiao do a lovely duet to John Lennon's "Imagine."


Jimmy gets his greens with Pacquiao Produce


Jimmy Kimmel Live becomes

Shaq Diesel Live


Jimmy vs. Ellen in a Nice-Off. It was a bloodbath

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