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I composed athlete biographies - funny, satirical ones; not boring, straightforward ones -for the celebrity athlete attendees of 2009 ESPN The Weekend.



Copywriting. Event Production.



Maurice Jones-Drew, Tony Gonzalez, Ricky Henderson, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Shawn Johnson, Brandon Jacobs, Steven Jackson, Muggsy Bogues, Jim Kelly

Example Bio: Brett Favre

Brett Lorenzo Favre grew up in tiny Kiln, Mississippi, just a stone's throw from the nearest butcher shop. It was at this butcher shop, stacking and slicing meats, that Brett molded his golden right arm into what we now know to be one of the most prolific in NFL history. It was said by some that Brett could chop the heads off of 3 dead hogs, at once, with a rusty butter knife. No one can confirm nor deny this, though anyone who has seen the former Packer great play football would have just cause to rise up against a naysayer who claims this story untrue. Brett retired this offseason, after 17 years of greatness on the gridiron. And while they may call him "The Gunslinger," those privileged few from Kiln know that Brett has no need for a gun as long as he has a butter knife.

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